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  • Threatened by a Scammer


    Scammers will say and do anything to have you send money including threatening your life, your family or something you hold dear to your self. To give into these tactics allows the scammer to win and accomplish their goal of stealing our money.

    Threats from a Scammer:

    • Emails the victim with the victims Obituary.
    • Scammer threatening to turn in victim to the FBI and/or Secret Service.
    • Blackmail with "nude" photos of the victim.
    • Harassing emails, instant messenger, phone calls and mail.
    • Threats are being made to you or to members of your family.
    • Sending messages say "your going to die".
    • Scammer threatening to sue the victim.
    • Another person contacts victim by email and makes threats or demands.


    Steps to Take:

    • Contact a Romance Scams Peer Counselor for one-on-one assistance and guidance.
    • Immediately cease all contact with the scammer! Block their email address, ignore their instant messages, and ignore their phone calls.
    • Do not respond to the scammer, the more you communicate with them you risk being sucked back into the scam and giving into their demands.
    • Make copies of emails, and instant messages of these threats. Document what is happening, keep originals for you, give copies to the various reporting agencies.
    • Report what is happening to the Police Department, make a report.
    • Remember these are only threats, they can not harm. They use these tactics to continue to manipulate you into sending them money.
    • Continue to ignore them and do not commutate with them; they will go away. Their purpose is Money and if you refuse to give them what they want they move on.



    Sample Threats from a Scammer:

    You cannot tell me all of this and expect me to be cool about it. You called me a scammer and expect me to be jovial? You stupid bitch, I don't blame you for being foolish, thinking that I will let you women ge a way with talking crap about me. I thought you were reliable but your relationship with men has made you crazy. You have lost your mind and I don't need to be friends with you.

    Don't think this is the Eric of old you knew. You will never see me and you will never feel my touch. I don't want you writing me, I don;t want you ever mentioning my name anywhere because if you do, you will be sorry. I will find you and I will make your life miserable in person. If you try anything stupid, then I will make you disappear and you will never be found. Consider this a warning, for you and all those who sought to ridicule me. I will find you and I will kill you you ever try to reach me again.

    If you are in need of answers and assistance for safety and legal issues contact:

    Romance Scams Peer Counselors

    CUFF/StraightShooter - Citizens United to Find Fugitives

    Fraud Aid - Fraud Recognition and Prevention Education, FREE fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support