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    Photo Questions and Photo Submission Forms

    Photos must be no more than 2MB in size and in jpeg/jpg format. Please see the instructions below if you do not have this format photo and need help converting it.

    The Photo Albums allow us to monitor and warn others of Romance Scammers.

    To View the Photos

    To View the Database

    To Send to Database

    Photo Album Submissions Started

    June 2005

    Please beware that all photos used by scammers are stolen. The individuals in each photo are also victims. Many do not know their photo is being used. Others do. Please respect their privacy & do not attempt to contact the real person behind the photo.

    Photo Reporting:

    Scammer Name

    Scammer Email

    Site Contacted on:

    Photo Site Location - Copy and paste the URL from the profile if you have it available.

    Upload Photo

    Photos must be submitted in the JPEG format. If you do not have a JPEG formatted photo, send your photo to Carol C for conversion to jpeg/jpg and forwarding to our Photos Coordinator.

    Comments/ Questions

    Submitters Email (will not be used with photos)

    CODE HINT: lowercase "y", uppercase "H", number seven, uppercase "T", uppercase "Y"

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All photos on this site were stolen by scammers and used in romance scams. The real people in the photos are also victims of this scam. All photos and scammer information once posted are property of Romance Scams and will not be removed. All our material is protected by copyright.

    In addition to our photo album, here are a list of "image checking" sites which allow upload of a photo to check to see where else it may appear online.

    Google Image Search



    Please contact us for comments or questions regarding our Photos.