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If you have any legal issues due to your scam or you are in jeopardy of being arrested, please contact FRAUD AID for assistance.

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Reporting the Scam

When you are ready to report your scammer make sure you have the facts. The information needed on your scammer that the authorities require is listed below.

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Immediately cease all contact with the scammer! Block their email address, ignore their instant messages, ignore their phone calls. Blow a whistle in the phone
Save hard copies of all your conversations and instant messages that you had with your scammer; this is proof of the scam.
Contact Western Union to see if the payment has not been picked up yet
You will also need to save any checks, money orders, Western Union transfer Numbers, envelopes, packages that you received from your scammer.
Contact the bank fraud department if you suspect a check you deposited will come back fraudulent. Contact the bank fraud department and make payment arraignments if a check/money order has been found fraudulent and you owe money to them.
Contact your Postal Carrier/Post Office and ask that no packages to be delivered at your home/ work. Also bring checks and Money orders that you received to the Post Office to make a report and turned them over
Contact any companies that have sent you gifts or merchandise and inform them that they were purchased on a stolen credit card and make arraignments to have the items returned.
We suggest that you contact the dating site, Yahoo Profiles, FBI and report to our Database.
All Information that is needed on the scammer; Name, Email Address, ID Used, Site Contacted on, Type of Scam, Address Given, Date Contacted, Phone Numbers, Name/Address Money Sent To, Western Union Numbers's, Amount Lost (U.S. Currency), IP Number (Assistance on this), Other Relevant Information.
You will be at risk for Identity Theft for safety tips on how to protect your identity see the Identity Theft section.
For a detailed list of Romance Scams Resources and Reporting Links


PLEASE NOTE: All photos and other data when submitted will be permanently added to our databases and files and becomes the property of Romance Scams for the sole purpose of providing important information to those who may have been victimized by persons using the same pictures and/or other information.


Please contact us for comments or questions regarding our forms.