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Romance Scams Tips

Reporting the Scam Tip Sheet

Reporting the Scam

When you are ready to report your scammer make sure you have the facts. The information needed on your scammer that the authorities will need is listed below.


Save hard copies of all your conversations and instant messages that you had with your scammer; this is proof of the scam.


You will be at risk for Identity Theft for safety tips on how to protect your identity see the Identity Theft section.

We suggest that you report your scammer by contacting the dating site, Yahoo profiles, the FBI, and add to our scammer Database.



Steps to Take

Immediately cease all contact with the scammer! Block their email address, ignore their instant messages, ignore their phone calls


Contact Western Union to see if the payment has not been picked up yet


Make copies if your email conversations, and instant messages. Keep originals for yourself, give copies to the various reporting agencies, and keep all receipts and envelopes, anything that can be used as evidence


Contact the bank fraud department and make payment arraignments if a check/money order has been found fraudulent and you owe money to them


Contact the bank fraud department if you suspect a check you deposited will come back fraudulent


Contact your Postal Carrier/Post Office and ask that no packages to be delivered at your home/ work. Also bring checks and Money orders that you received to the Post Office to make a report and turned them over


Contact your Postal Carrier/Post Office if you have been sent packages or letters to forward for a scammer. Keep the envelopes or shipping package for evidence


Contact any companies that have sent you gifts or merchandise and inform them that they were purchased on a stolen credit card and make arraignments to have the items returned


Contact your local Police Department, they may not do anything but it will help you to create a paper trail


Join the Romance Scams group on yahoo for help, support, and education. Join in the group discussions, share your experiences when you feel comfortable, listen to others stories, and make new friends that have experienced being scammed.

After being scammed you are put on a “contact” list by the scammers. You will be receiving random instant messages and emails from people you do not know. These are scammers trying to scam you again. Please tell them you know they are scammer and block them. You will know within 5 minutes if it’s a scammer by looking at the profile, how they write/speak, their picture, they state they live in Nigeria, they confess their love in the first meeting, they claim God brought you to them etc. After you keep blocking them, they will stop and you will be placed on a “NO” contact list.


Disclaimer Romance Scams


All photos and other data when submitted will be permanently added to our databases and files and becomes the property of Romance Scams for the sole purpose of providing important information to those who may have been victimized by persons using the same pictures and/or other information.