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    Medical Facilities Tip Sheet

    Medical facilities in Nigeria are poor. Diagnostic and treatment equipment is most often poorly maintained, and many medicines are unavailable. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a common problem and may be difficult to distinguish from genuine medications. This is particularly true of generics purchased at local pharmacies or street markets. While Nigeria has many well-trained doctors, hospital facilities are generally of poor quality with inadequately trained nursing staff.

    Hospitals expect immediate cash payment for health services.

    Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water precautions and insect bite protection, may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747) .

    MEDICAL INSURANCE: The Department of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether or not their policy applies overseas and if it will cover emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation.

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