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    Legal Referral Form

    Please enter as much detail as you can in the following form and submit it if you believe you may have or do have possible legal issues which will or are occurring due to being the victim of a romance or dating scam.

    Assistance With Legal Issues:

    Romance Scams will assist victims of scams who are facing legal issues relating to the scam.

    We are not lawyers and will not/cannot give legal advise.

    Referrals will be made to professional organizations; along with step by step instructions.

    Please fill in the following information and hit submit.




    Type of Scam

    Monetary Loss
    (U.S. Dollars)

    What is your legal issue? Be specific (cashed check/money order, arrested, owe bank money, reshipping, identity theft, etc.).

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    Please contact us for comments or questions regarding Legal Issues.