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  • Green Card Scam

    fake check

    Are You Being Asked to Sponsor Someone to Your Country

    Green Card Scam

    Knowing that some scammers are only after a green card, one of the big reasons we all have to ask ourselves is why. Yes Nigerian scams are about the money, but we are seeing more coming clean to their victims and wanting to come here to marry.

    We don't want to sound melodramatic here, but we are afraid to think that some of the reasons for them wanting in this country are not just because they want to be here. Just think for a moment about these countries they are coming from. Think about the sorts of ties there are to these countries. What if some are trying to marry their victims and come here for purposes that could be really scary for our entire country.

    Again, we are not trying to over react here, nor are we trying to scare anyone. We just want you all to think long and hard about this. They rob and steal from us under the guise of love. We have no doubt that they would use those same tactics to get into our country. We already have confirmation that a portion of all money that is scammed goes into terrorism. So tell me what would happen if someone's scammer came clean, confessed love and the victim married them and brought them here, not knowing that some of their ties are to terrorist’s cells. A very scary thought it is and we cringe every time someone tells us that they have forgiven their scammer and are going on with their relationship.

    The FBI will not go into too many details with us, but they are vehemently warning us to tell people to let go and stop these relationships. We were told that those that do not are getting in much deeper then they could have ever imagined and are putting their lives and the lives of many others in danger. But again, they will not give me all the details. So we can not help to wonder if there is not a lot more then what they are telling us. It is scary stuff, and we all need to be aware of it and think long and hard about all of this.

    The implications of what we see happening, and what could happen because of it is terrifying.


    "The Return of the "Nigerian Taliban"

    Strategic Interests
    by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D.
    World Defense Review columnist

    On January 16, Media Trust Ltd., was arraigned before the High Court in the capital of Abuja, accused of three counts of terrorism. The director, a Muslim cleric (or mallam) by the name of Mohammed Bello Ilyas Damagun, who was described by prosecutors as belonging to a group dubbed the "Nigerian Taliban," was charged with receiving funds from al-Qaeda, sending recruits abroad for training, and aiding terrorist activities within Nigeria.

    “While one should be careful not to exaggerate the strength of the Nigeria's "Taliban" – in fact, that the State Security Service and other government agencies, acting in collaboration with Nigeria's allies, have managed to arrest Damagun and company is welcome news – neither should one ignore the potential threat posed by the group, others like it, and their fellow travelers.”

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    • Immigration Attorneys Stated: “You are right you can petition for her/him as a spouse and as a fiancée. However, you must be married first. There is another option, where you can petition for her/him as a fiancée (without marriage).
    • She/he comes to the US as a fiancée and has 90 days to marry you
    • Important to know that the process can take 6-9 months or more. It’s very difficult to get a passport Nigeria, its costly, and the waiting list are long.